Remember: We love suggestions! Just let us know what you want by commenting.

(August 30, 2009) We’re undergoing a few design changes here at TCSB. The first has been our own custom header image, which replaced a picture of Sufjan Stevens I stole from the internet. Hurray for our own material! I’m working on a new background image and possibly a new theme, but I’m no CSS expert. Anyway, stay tuned for all the design changes coming up!

(April 2, 2009) Our first ever Lover of the Month, featuring multiple songs by one amateur cover artist we really like! This month’s lover is ChrisandDan08. Check ’em out!

(March 30, 2009) Frequency: When we started this blog, we intended to update every day, or almost every day. That quickly turned into updating during the weekdays and taking the weekends off. And that turned into updating whenever I feel like it. Right now I don’t know if we can keep that up–updates every day are 365 new songs a year! I don’t even know that many artists, I don’t think, and I have a job, and I’m in a foreign country, I gotta travel and see the sights, you know? Plus, Lisa’s a student, which has its time-consuming demands (demands I remember all too well). Which is why you should suggest, so that things don’t get repetitive around here. The request lines are gonna open soon, check back in a week or so. Recap: Sorry for the lack of posts, but we’re trying to keep things fresh.

(March 20, 2009) Two things: First, we hit a major landmark for a new blog: 1000+ hits! Thanks to everyone who reads and shares our blog. To celebrate, we’ve posted the first of our monthly features, Covers by Lovers. In these posts, we will feature amateur covers of a single professional artist over a span of 1-3 days. In the future, you will be able to find all these posts under the category “Covers by Lovers“. Happy Listening!

(March 10, 2009) We have our newest author, Lisa, who brought you that wonderful post on covers of “Bruises” by Chairlift. Check out the post, the songs are pretty sweet!

(March 8, 2009) Our YouTube channel is up and running! You can find all the videos we feature on our video log, as well as a playlist with all the videos we feature. Stay tuned for playlists with covers we like but didn’t have room to post. Check out our channel here:


As you know, this blog is very young, so stay tuned for many changes and updates.

Things are still in a rough sketch so far, but we have plans to introduce a number of new things, including:

Additional authors: to increase the variety and breadth of the covers we feature.

Featured Cover Artist: Every so often, hopefully once a month, we will feature one amateur cover artist that we really, really enjoy, with multiple videos or songs.

Featured Professional: Again, every so often, but hopefully once a month, we will feature songs by a single artist, covered by a number of different amateur musicians.

Polls: Not sure what we’ll poll yet, but you can have your input here! Perhaps the reader’s choice cover? Reader’s choice professional artist? Let us know what you want!

Accepting Requests: So you don’t know of a good cover of the song you wanna hear? Just tell us, and we’ll do our best to find one!

YouTube extras: Sometimes it’s difficult to choose just one or two covers to feature. You can check our upcoming youtube channel to find playlists that will have many covers of a single artist, many songs by a single amateur musician, or several covers of the same song.

Re-design: The current theme works well enough, but hopefully we’ll be able to make it a little more personal and aesthetically pleasing, as well as easier to navigate.

Any suggestions? Remember, we’re all ears! Just let us know!


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