It’s Our Anniversary — We Put a Ring on It!

Oh ba-jeezus, I’ve been quite the neglectful husband lately. So let me start off with a bouquet of roses and an apology. First of all, I realize I’ve been leaving you hanging for weeks now without an update. It might have been all the nights out with the guys, well, we just went to some bars… and no I didn’t meet anyone, I just got super drunk, oh jeeze, I’m totally ruining this. Let me start over.

It’s the one-year anniversary of The Cover Story Blog! Well, actually, that was about 10 days ago. I forgot honey. I’m sorry. I mean, how could I forget such a special day, March Fourth… which is also Army Day! No, honey, I do take our relationship seriously… God I’m gonna start again. The ides of March certainly do bring destruction.

Simple as that: The Cover Story is one year and 11 days old! Reflecting on the year, we’ve received over 16,000 hits while covering over 50 artists with 63 different songs, which exceeds beyond belief what I ever thought would happen when I started this blog. Thanks to all our readers who’ve been submitting (and apologies to those who have yet to see their submissions up)!

So, what better way to celebrate than with a cover of Beyonce‘s Single Ladies, because, as you all know, I certainly love you it and will put a ring on it!

The first cover comes from koryhasasweetvest. What I really like about this song isn’t just the acoustic casting of the song, but that it has the tiniest elements of folk-rock mixed in with a bit of acoustic punk. I’m imagining an acoustic version of Dashboard’s “Screaming Infidelities” mixed with the a bit of Sufjan’s older stuff. Can you hear it? Listen here:

Now, Kory, I’m really happy for, and Imma let you finish, but cabin2j had one of the best covers of Single Ladies of all time! … is that joke too old yet?

Anyway, I really do enjoy this cover, which not only removes the song from its original hip-hop, synthetic sound, but then also recasts it into the blues. The chord progression is similar, but a bit different, which ends up adding a lot to the song. Then there’s the harmonies between guy and girl, which not only work so well together, but also in concert with the bass line of the guitar. It’s a great interpretation of the song, and it verily deserves more hits than it’s already gotten. Enjoy here:

Though the original will always be the better dance song, and the video may be more aesthetically pleasing, at least to some audiences, I can’t blame the artists above for wanting to tone it down a bit. Here’s the original in case you feel like dancing a bit: Single Ladies by Beyonce on YouTube.


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