Vampire Weekend — Diplomat’s Son

Oh jeeze, am I really in need of a forward on this post? Perhaps a side note, or two to be precise.

Side note one: I really need to step it up. Sorry for those who keep checking back waiting for a new post, I’ve been quite lazy. The blog’s been badly outdated… the last post is a Christmas song! Anyway, new post for y’all today, and guess what…

Side note two: For the first time ever The Cover Story is bringing you the freshest new beats! Yup, you should know by now that most covers on here are of songs that are a few years old, at best. It probably speaks to my ignorance of new music–I usually just wait for my friends to tell me what’s good, rather than going out and finding new music. The cover today isn’t of a new undiscovered band, and yes, my friend recommended this to me again, but hey, this song is merely DAYS OLD, having been released on January 12 of this year. w00t new beats! I just started listening to Vampire Weekend and they are quickly winning my heart over. So today I’ve got a cover Diplomat’s Son off their new album Contra.

I'd heard Vampire Weekend songs before, but this was the first time I had ever taken the time to listen to them seriously. I'm starting to love the whole feel of the song, from its reggae-reminiscent beat and the "cha-la"s in the background. The cover today is missing those elements, and is instead cast into a (surprise surprise) folk-ish guitar frame. Though I miss creative beat in the Vampire Weekend original, I still appreciate the simplicity of a single-artist live performance. According to the youtube page, RayRomanoFan99 plays guitar for the first time ever while playing this song–impressive, I think. Enjoy it here:

Here's Vampire Weekend performing the original live in Los Angeles on its U.S. release date.

Also, as of now you can listen to the whole album on Vampire Weekend’s website.


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