The Dodos – Walking, Red and Purple

Somehow it’s quickly upon us: autumn, the most volatile of seasons. Yes, one might argue that spring changes just as quickly, but I prefer to romanticize autumn in this way because its changes are more dramatic; with spring comes life, and with autumn comes death. In step with the natural changes occurring outside, my tastes in music are quickly changing as well. I don’t have to be the one to tell you that I don’t keep up with the latest music. Just look at my posts; they’re mostly older songs. Even today’s covers are not that up-to-date, but at least they’re a little more recent than 5 years ago.

I just “discovered” The Dodos, though they’ve been around for quite some time. Their 2008 album Visiter (intentional misspelling with a touching story) is a big hit here at my house, so today I’ve got covers of Red and Purple and Walking. Shall we step right into them?

The first cover of Red and Purple comes from youtuber lanze. He uses a single guitar, so obviously some parts like the drum beat and bells (?) are missing, but I find it pleasant nonetheless. According to his page, he played this song by ear. It’s a nice reminder of how pleasant music can be–I envision some nice guy with his guitar, just chillin’ in the manner in which villains are stereotypically known to chill, trying to play some song he likes. Well, lanze did so and did so well. I particularly like the guitar instrumental part in the middle–you can really tell he’s having fun. It’s a nice tribute to the original. Watch here:

The next cover from simulache is a bit more elaborate. What I really enjoy about this cover is the liberties taken with the original. The Dodo’s original is based on a foundation of strings (guitar and perhaps a banjo), but simulache‘s cover relies upon the piano, playing chords not exactly present in the original. There are also multi-track voices with harmonies and a few other instrumental effects I’m unable to identify. It’s such a great cover that I’d say simulache could contend with The Dodos themselves! Check it out here:

And of course, here are the originals:
Red and Purple by The Dodos
Walking by The Dodos


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