Rufus Wainwright – Vibrate

Quick one today, but I’ve got to say that this Rufus Wainwright song, Vibrate, has always been one of my favorites of his. Again, I was introduced to this song when a friend put it on a mix for me some years back, and I think it’s especially ringing true these days. My phone’s on vibrate for a certain someone, you know who you are.

The cover today comes from youtuber satorihime. The video title says the singer is Leslie Winchester. What I love about this video is the singer’s angelic voice–complemented by the fact that, at certain angles, the picture frame in the background looks like a halo about her head. She’s got a full range that hits the high notes well and sometimes struggles a bit on the lower notes, but it’s not a desperate struggle. Rather, I think it adds a sense of anxiousness to the video, a feeling that goes well with the mood of the original. Another perk is the vibrato in her voice–no need to point out why this is an appropriate addition. Finally, most impressively, she succeeds at holding out the long note on the word “vibrate” at the very end of the video, a skillful feat considering it lasts about 5 measures through a tempo that is considerably slower than the Rufus Wainwright’s original. Enjoy the song here:

And be sure to check out the original: Rufus Wainwright’s Vibrate


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