Regina Spektor – Us

The movie (500) Days of Summer has perhaps put this particular Regina Spektor song on the map and reignited my love for her 2004 release Soviet Kitsch. In fact, I’ve been on kind of a Regina kick lately and it’s been oddly refreshing to go back and listen to some of the older songs. Us was actually the first song that I heard that made me decide I really did like Ms. Spektor way back in high school and it’s still one of my favourites.

anaker09‘s cover is done beautifully. The violin in the background adds a nice touch and complements his amazing singing voice. This cover has a much more folksy feel than the original which definitely wins these boys points for originality.

Our second cover was done by the lovely and talented MKreidler. It took me a while to catch on that she was doing the piano accompaniment as well as the singing, which is talent all on its own (I was never able to sync the two when I tried, but I suppose I’m not exactly what you’d call coordinated). Her voice is beautifully rich and smooth and she stayed very close to the original tempo of the song which I liked a lot.

And here is the original: Regina Spektor – Us

Also, if you haven’t seen (500) Days of Summer or checked out the soundtrack, I strongly recommend both of them.


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