Covers by Lovers – Simon and Garfunkel

I’m on a roll, and you know what I haven’t done in a while? A Covers by Lovers post! That’s right, today’s post is dedicated to covers of none other than Simon and Garfunkel, an American classic duo who stays dear to everyone’s hearts. My favorite song by the duo is probably The Only Living Boy in New York, but they’ve got a number of other jewels as well, including today’s covers of Bridge Over Troubled Water, Mrs. Robinson, and Cecilia.

This first one is a cover of Mrs. Robinson, from the film The Graduate. Unfortunately I’ve only had the misfortune of watching this movie twice while very tired, which ended up with me yawning during the opening sequence and waking up during the end credits–don’t judge me, ’cause I’m gonna get around to watching the whole movie one day.

However, I still remember the song, and the first cover from a youtube duo named ShannonandNatalie has everything I love about the original: the folk overtones classically associated with Simon and Garfunkel and the harmonies in particular. The six-string along with electric bass provides a full sound that is hard to come by with a lot of acoustic covers. Additionally, I really enjoy the female voices in place of Simon’s and Garfunkels’. I don’t post a lot of female covers here, mostly because I think more guys post covers than girls, but their two voices have a really sweet sound that works well with the entire piece as a composition. Check it out here:

The next cover is also of Mrs. Robinson, from a duo under the name PomplamooseMusic. This cover is a more lively and modern take on the classic. I love the girl’s voice–it seems familiar, and I can’t pin down what artists exactly she sounds like, but I bet it’ll ring some bells in your head. The beat is taken up a bit and the guitar rhythm is skewed a bit from the original. What I love most about this piece is not only the additional instrumentation used–bells and a piano with hammers showing, for instance–but the multiple video tracks. It allows you to see the entire process of making a track and the work that went into creating this wonderful piece. This duo really loves music and you can tell they’re enjoying every bit of it! Here’s the vid:

The next cover is of the song Cecilia by youtubers LocalNativesBand, and what I really enjoyed about this version was the alternate instrumentation. They use everything from a tree to a chair, record it live outdoors, and have a great time doing so. On top of all that, they’ve got some great harmonies that sound really nice. I think it shows real creativity by the artists, and I hope you think the same. Check it out here:

Up next is my personal Simon and Garfunkel favorite, The Only Living Boy in New York. Trust me, I’ve tried for ages to find a great cover of this, and this is the only one I actually like. The others are good, but I like this one most because it branches out a little bit. The artist, okojim takes a lot of liberties with rhythm, and it makes it all the more fun. I also love the playful little riffs he does on his guitar. Watch here:

This next song also has a special place in my heart. It’s Bridge Over Troubled Water from their final studio album of the same name. I found a great cover of this song by Johnnie Cash and Fiona Apple on a post by our friend on the blogroll, Cover Lay Down. I like that version a lot, but I like these ones as well. The first cover comes from youtuber SmashSmay. I think he’s got a great voice which is accompanied by a rich and vibrant piano. The emotion in his singing is so full and it sounds Groban-esque at times. I hope you enjoy it as well:

This last one is my favorite. It’s another cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water from youtube user eeevee. I think it is very far removed from the original, and I think you’ll agree. It’s performed by what sounds like a live piano in the background with an electric guitar taking the lead. There are no no vocals, but only electricity flowing through this piece. There are many liberties taken, and you can tell the guitarist takes this classic hit and makes it his own. It reminds me of Lenny Kravitz’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner on electric. It’s powerful and personal, but still faithful. Enjoy it here:

Now, it’s time to watch The Graduate. But first, check out the originals if you want:

Mrs. Robinson
The Only Living Boy in New York
Bridge Over Troubled Water


3 responses to “Covers by Lovers – Simon and Garfunkel

  1. Thanks for post my video.
    Is gratifying to know that someone like him.
    Thanks. =)

  2. Justice Littleleaf

    I can’t believe he’s actually playing a tree.

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