Bon Iver – Re: Stacks

Hey everyone! I’m back from my unexplained two-month (or was it three-months?) hiatus! Finally, I know you’re saying to yourself. I apologize, profusely, as I have many times before for my unexplained absences. Fact is, I’m lazy–though I’m going to try to blame this one on my recent trip to Thailand, during which I rediscovered an old favorite: Bon Iver‘s Re: Stacks.

I feel like I say this a lot: “I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of _________, but I really like this song.” I guess I have to say it again, because, really, it’s true. Re: Stacks is a great song to fall asleep to, or just to listen to at any time when somber is the dominant mood. Today I’ve got two covers that are a great imitation of the original mood, and one that is so far from the original that I have to leave you to judge for yourself.

This first cover I found comes up first when searching youtube, so it’s quite a popular one that you may have heard already. It comes from the youtuber spenpee. All around a spot on cover: great acoustics thanks to some good recording equipment, singing on tune, high-quality musical accompaniment. I really like how he does Bon Iver’s original so well, so I hope you enjoy it as well:

The second cover is high up on the number of views, though it does not have as many as the first. It comes from youtube user elevensup, and I like the female voice covering the original. She’s got a strong voice that’s a little hard to hear on the lower notes, which I believe is also the same in Bon Iver’s original, but I think it maintains a powerful effect that adds a little bit of an exasperated feeling–going well with the mood of the original. A strong voice complemented by a strong strum on the guitar always makes for a good cover. Near the end, however, they play with the guitar rhythm and tempo, and I think it sounds good. I kind of wish they had done the whole cover that way. Anyway, here it is, and make sure you watch till the end!

This last one seems to be a diamond in the rough. Youtuber qossaftw proclaims it to be an acoustic rock cover. I think he’s definitely right about that–it’s got an upbeat tempo and a modified strum pattern, as wells as a percussive background. As one youtube comment suggests, it seems to be a midi drum there in the background, but you’ve got to give the guy credit for making the most out of what he’s got. While I certainly am not the biggest fan of punk rock/acoustic rock, I really have to give props to this cover for taking a somber song and making me wanna dance to it, even if just a little bit. Here it is, so enjoy:

And of course, here’s the original: Bon Iver – Re: Stacks on youtube

Thanks everyone for reading, even though I’ve been a bit bad at updating lately. I’ll try to get some more posts in soon.


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