Dave Matthews Band – Baby Blue

Introducing… our first ever post recommended by a reader! Sorry, I know a lot of you have been sending in requests and recommendations, but I’ve just been lazy and haven’t gotten to them all. BUT we do appreciate you taking the time to submit, and hopefully we’ll get to them all soon. Keep ’em coming!

This cover comes one of the guys in a video cover of Decatur by Sufjan Stevens a while back. I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of the Dave Matthews Band, but some of the melodies hit a good spot in me, and this is one of them. I didn’t know the song Baby Blue until it was recommended to me, but it’s got a nice relaxing tone, much like Crash Into Me, a favorite of mine back in high school.

What I really like about this cover from youtuber leavingtheisland is that it keeps the soothing and peaceful beat, but doesn’t seem to miss any of the layers. The original has got a lot more instruments in the background that create a nice, full, orchestral sound, but this cover reminds me of what it’s like to sit back on the porch and listen to a good folkish song in the presence of friends. Well done on the guitar, so check it out here:

Here’s the original: Baby Blue by Dave Matthews

Side note: I don’t really have to tell you how lazy I’ve been with keeping up the posts. But I have noticed that we’ve been getting hits every day despite the fact that our features are few and far between. It makes me feel really good to know that our regular readers keep checking back to hear what we have to say. THANK YOU! We’ll try to update more often to keep you guys happy and to give you what you want!


One response to “Dave Matthews Band – Baby Blue

  1. Johnathan Fowler

    Hey man, thanks for the post. I’m the guy playing Baby Blue. I’m glad you enjoyed the cover and I really like your site!

    I have some other covers and originals on thesixtyone.com if you or anyone else are interesting. Here’s the URL:

    Thanks again-

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