MGMT – Kids

It feels like everybody in the world has heard of MGMT by now, although some very loyal fans still refer to them by their former unabbreviated name (The Management). Their 2007/2008 release Oracular Spectacular is indeed a spectacle for the ears; I highly recommend that you go out and purchase a copy if you haven’t already done so. There are some remarkable tracks, with my personal favourite probably being Of Moons, Birds, and Monsters (track 8), but the song that I am actually more interested cover-wise is Kids. The band has received a lot of much-deserved hype lately and Kids has been featured in popular TV shows, commercials, movie previews, and the like. In fact, Nicolas Sarkozy (yes, the French president!) liked the song so much that he used it without permission or giving credit is now facing a lawsuit from the band! How’s that for popularity?

Today’s first cover comes from amlingisrad and I think it’s absolutely wonderful. Her introduction is adorable and a good improvisation of the sounds in the original song.¬† I also really enjoyed her quick, refreshing tempo.

YouTubers behind the alias LemonBiscuit had a very creative approach as well. I particularly liked their use of dynamics in singing and the contrast between the sounds of the two instruments, which provided a very unique sound.

And here’s the original: MGMT – Kids


3 responses to “MGMT – Kids

  1. I especially love the guy in California top’s beard. it is sexual

  2. Whoa. That’s a beard. Good on that man.

  3. Stellar performance. I want to be on that beard.

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