The Beatles – Let It Be

So yeah, I know we’ve already done a post on The Beatles, but I couldn’t resist after one of my students started singing Let It Be in class today. I’ve had the song stuck in my head all day, so I had to search for some good covers when I got home. I hope none of you die-hard Beatles fans is cringing out there, saying “no one could possibly ever re-do the Beatles!” I make no claim that these covers are better than the original–just different. So judge for yourself. Anyway, I’ve got three that I really enjoyed.

In my youtube searches, I’ve come across a few younger kids covering well-known songs, but this is the first time I will post one. This cover comes from youtuber fiomily, two sisters named Fiona and Emily. What I really love about this cover is that it is eerily reminiscent of The Langley School Music Project. If you’ve never heard of it, check out the wikipedia article. It’s basically an elementary school choir singing covers of famous songs, which astounds audiences with its childish innocence. This video reminds me of the same feeling, yet I can’t help but admire the skills that are developing among these girls. They’re young, but they’re still good. Staying on tune, steady strum on the guitar–it’s more than what I can say for when I was their age. My favorite part is the scoop down during the chorus on the words “Oh let it be,” an interesting touch. I’d like to hear more harmonies, and to hear the song done fully, but it’s still a great cover nonetheless. They’ve got other stuff, too, so check that out after this song:

This next cover comes from youtuber chewinggum. What I like about this cover is the personal touches taken with the tabbing on the guitar. Towards the end of the song she plays with the octaves, rhythm, and melody. All around, a good interpretation of a great song. Again, many other covers for you to check out, but look here first:

This last cover is my favorite. It comes from youtuber thefriendlyfreak. This one is a major reinterpretation of the song. It’s definitely got a more modern, almost alt/punk-rock feel to it. The new rhythm adds a nice touch, and the notes in falsetto aren’t bad either. I love the scats inserted, it adds another dimension to a classic song. This guy’s got a few more covers, so be sure to watch ’em after this one:

As always, here’s the original: Let It Be by the Beatles


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