Julie Delpy – Waltz for a Night

Oh god I’ve been so lazy recently, so sorry for the lack of posts. We’ll get things started again by this cover of Waltz for a Night by actress/singer Julie Delpy from the film Before Sunset. Great song, done simply, from a film I love (though others hold other opinions). I love the simplicity of a single guitar and a woman singing a love song to the person for whom it was written, who happens to be sitting right in front of her, after all those years. I imagine there could be more emotion behind the song–but really, what else could you be feeling at that exact moment? A flutter of the heart? Relaxation? Relief? Confusion?

This cover by youtuber zeldacrap is like the original on xanax. I think it’s much more calm and peaceful, without as much of an upbeat and happy feeling in Julie Delpy’s original–all good things. It’s relaxing to listen to, so give it a go if you had a long day (and check out her other covers):

Here’s the original, too: Julie Delpy’s Waltz for a Night


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