Donovan – Colours

I’ve liked the song Colours by Donovan since high school, ever since I heard it in the movie The Rules of Attraction (which has a great soundtrack, by the way). It wasn’t until college, when I went to the house of two girls I thought were really cool and who pulled out a record and played this song on vinyl, that I really fell in love with it. The next year I went to Scotland, Donovan’s madrepatria, and the song has stayed with me ever since.

Most of the covers of this song on youtube come from older folks who probably listened to this song when it first came out in the sixties, and the first is one of them. This comes from youtuber Litegauge. He uses the open D alternate tuning, which we saw in the previous post on Your Ex-Lover is Dead by Stars. I love this tuning–if the song is in the right key, the guitar provides a full, vibrant sound. However, that’s only one of the perks of this cover. LiteGauge is a little bit playful with the tabbing, sometimes tabbing the melody, other times tabbing out rhythmic chords. He’s got a nice, soft voice, too. A lot of kids in my generation remember their parents singing this song. I imagine it’s a little bit like reliving that–and for LiteGauge’s generation, reminiscent of days gone by. He’s got lots of other covers for you to enjoy, so check ’em out after the vid:

It’s refreshing (for me at least) to see some younger kids covering this song–proof that it’s timeless, anyway. The next comes from a youtuber called Edmonlisandro. It’s pretty new, having been added about 2 weeks ago and having only 5 views at the time I saw it. This strays a bit from the original in many ways. In some spots, he takes liberties with the melody and chord progression, and all around the rhythm of the song is drastically different, but not tragic by any means. Plus, harmonica skills! Chicks dig guys with skillz. As always, he’s got more covers for you to listen to, after a sneak peak of this clever interpretation:

I wanted to post another cover by the previously-featured VulgarMind, but I wanted to increase our amateur artist library before making any repeats. However, you can check it out on our youtube playlist of notable Colours covers.

It’s not on vinyl, but you’ll live: Colours (live) by Donovan


One response to “Donovan – Colours

  1. I don’t know if I’m crazy or what, but the version of Colours on The Rules of Attraction is a cover itself, although they put the original on the soundtrack. Who on earth did the cover for the movie?!? I’ve searched and searched, and if my TV was sharper I would certainly have gotten it off the end credits. Anyways, I love this song too, as well as all the other music you listen too. I’m just on my yearly google hunt to find the artist who covered it. Ha. Thanks and have a good one.

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