Belle & Sebastian – Seeing Other People

I’ve been on a Belle & Sebastian streak lately, mostly listening to Dog on Wheels, but also a bit of the album If You’re Feeling Sinister. I tried searching for some covers of Judy and the Dream of Horses, but didn’t find a lot. I did find one by the previously-featured clattybrown (see The Beatles – Hello, Goodbye), but I really like this cover of Seeing Other People a lot, so I’ve only got one for you today.

This one comes from youtuber vulgarmind. New rhythm, new style. I like the beat a lot, and his soft voice adds a nice touch. It’s pretty calm and smooth, which is a bit removed from the upbeat, fun, and happy original. Pretty good in my book, so check it out here:

And: here’s the original by Belle & Sebastian:Seeing Other People by Belle & Sebastian


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