Stars – Your Ex-Lover is Dead

Today’s band, Stars, is one of my favorites. They’ve got a diverse set of songs, and they use a set of instruments just as diverse–ranging from acoustic guitars, brass horns, pianos, keyboards, strings, synthesized sounds, etc. Much like what I said about The Postal Service, covering a song with such effects with just one or two instruments can be a challenge. However, I’ve found two covers of Your Ex-Lover Is Dead, and I think all the artists met the challenge well.

The first cover comes from a youtuber aGirlNamedG0o. This cover is amazing on so many levels. First of all, the strummed guitar provides a pleasant, full, vibrant sound. She uses an alternate tuning–instead of the standard EADGBE tuning that most of the guitar covers here use, she uses DAEAAE–that works well with the key of the song, and is ultimately what I think leads to such a rich sound. The tabs are the very beginning are a nice take on the riff of the original–plus, I love the octave drop when she repeats the riff. The second tabbed part replaces the cello in the original, and, while I prefer the cello, she works well with one instrument, and you might barely notice anything missing at all. Her voice is great, though regrettably it’s a bit difficult to hear. She’s also got some other covers, so you can check them out after watching this:

The second cover comes from two people, posted by youtuber travestees. I really appreciate that they use a violin to replace the heavy strings in the original. Again, there’s a small liberty taken with the original riff, but it’s a nice take. They sing well together, and they even sing the harmonies in the original, all held together with a steady strum on the guitar. Again, they’ve got more covers to watch, so check ’em out after this one:

What would you do if I didn’t post the original? Would you care?: Your Ex-Lover is Dead by Stars


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