The Arctic Monkeys – A Certain Romance

So I have to say I’m not too familiar with Arctic Monkeys, but I have given their album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not a listen or two. I guess I should sheepishly admit that I have missed out on a good band. My friend Yanin really loves the Arctic Monkeys, and suggested the song A Certain Romance to me. I actually really like it, and so, I’ve got two covers for you today.

The first comes from a youtube user called Sanctimonius. I was kind of disappointed that he left out the catchy riffs that characterize the song, but, in his own words, this song “sounds kind of beachy when played acoustic.” I have to agree–and I think it’s a nice sound for a song originally done in a hard, alt rock style. Plus he kind of looks like a beach boy. Enjoy this cover here:

The second, from youtuber nachoteran89 is ironically “romantic”–that is, it’s done by two speakers of a romance language, Spanish. The song, of course, is in English, but I found it funny that I found so many covers of this song done by speakers of romance languages–Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. I really like that they have two guitar parts in this. The sound quality’s not that great, but the scenery in the background is absolutely beautiful. It makes me want to live in Argentina. All in all, it’s a good cover, so check it out here:

Of course, here’s the original: A Certain Romance by Arctic Monkeys.

Also, check out our youtube playlist for other notable covers.


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