Covers by Lovers — The Postal Service

We’ve hit our first major landmark here in the blogosphere: 1000 page hits! We never thought it would happen this quickly! Thanks to everyone who’s been reading and sharing our blog, and thanks to our friends on the blogroll who have linked to us. We really appreciate it, so to celebrate, we’re going to start the first of our monthly features, Covers by Lovers. Here we’ll be featuring many amateur covers of one professional artist.

thepostalservice1As this blog is meant to be a performance space for amateurs and a media outlet for covers, I think The Postal Service is an appropriate choice for a first professional artist to feature–after all, The Postal Service relies heavily upon electronic effects and electronic instrumentation. Amateur covers, on the other hand, tend to rely totally upon acoustic, non-synthesized instrumentation. There are, of course, exceptions, but most of the amateurs we feature here have just been hanging out in their bedrooms, playing the acoustic guitar, doing what they love. Rendering an electronic song acoustically and still making it sound good can be a daunting task, and this is why we’ve chosen The Postal Service for our first Covers by Lovers.

Our first cover that we will feature is of the song Sleeping In. I didn’t really like this song as much as the others on the album when I first heard it, but these covers are really catchy.

The first cover from youtuber Keyeul ends up being a composition with a full sound, despite having only voice and guitar. He sings the song an octave lower than Ben Gibbard, which I have to say, I like a lot better than the high voice that Gibbard has. What makes this better is the tabbing! It’s amazing! He even shares the tabs on the video page. Check out his song here:

The next cover I’ve got for you, from a guy on youtube called TheSlurgi also features an interesting tabbed part. The sound quality on this one isn’t as good, but it’s a good song nonetheless. Also, TheSlurgi’s got some other interesting covers, and he seems to be pretty skilled at playing classical guitar songs–my favorite is Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring. Check out his other videos, but look at this one first:

Here’s the original (but I like these covers better): Sleeping In by The Postal Service

I know, I know, there are supposed to be many covers by one professional, but we’ve only featured one song here! BUT stay tuned for more covers of the Postal Service tomorrow!


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