Covers by Lovers — The Postal Service part 2


So let’s continue our first ever Covers by Lovers, this month featuring The Postal Service. They’ve received a lot of criticism, both good and bad. Among the good–they’re pretty creative, interesting use of electronic effects, ultra-catchy riffs and melodies (can you say Such Great Heights?), etc, etc. Among the bad–tends to sound whiny, possibly too melodramatic (what with all the pining for love/lost loves), annoying noises. Whatever your take on The Postal Service, I think you’ll at least find these covers of The District Sleeps Alone Tonight bearable, if not totally fall in love with them.

This first cover comes from a guy with the youtube nickname andymangold. He’s got a great tab at the beginning, and he takes a few liberties with the melody, which is definitely OK by me. He moves back and forth between a strong and steady rhythm and a more relaxed strum. An interesting composition in the end. He’s got some other covers you can watch after you watch his cover here:

BONUS!! He’s also got a video showing how he made an external hard-drive out of a moleskine notebook. As an avid moleskin fan, I have to say this rocks. Check it out here: andymangold makes an external hard drive out of a moleskine.

The next cover we have for you is by a guy from the Philippines under the alias jrdimaano07. He adds some interesting riffs, strums out the chords, and plays with the rhythm a little, making for an overall interesting cover. He’s also got some other covers, so check ’em out after watching this video:

Here’s where you can see the original: The District Sleeps Alone Tonight by The Postal Service


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