Feist – 1234

Ok, so while we’re on the topic of ipod/mac commercials, I’m gonna share three good videos with you. I didn’t really like the iPod commercial that featured the song 1 2 3 4 by Feist, but I love the song, so I searched for some covers anyway.

This first one comes from a girl under the youtube alias harrill04. This is a well-done cover as she’s got a great voice and the guitar accompaniment is good. The harmonization adds a nice touch, too. She does a lot of other covers, too, so check her out! Enjoy the video here:

The next cover again reminds me of what I like about amateur covers. This one is a very simple production from youtuber curtiscourtemanche. It looks like they just decided to record the song on a lazy sunday afternoon. This one’s a little bit slower than Feist’s original–it’s really calming. Again, the harmony is a great addition. Here’s the video:

This last one is my favorite. It’s from a girl called helloIamkoolaidness. This one is every bit as fun and lighthearted as the original. The bonus is that she also made her own music video to go along with it. The video is also fun and cheerful, just like Feist’s video. Enjoy the song here:

So, here’s the original: Fiest’s 1 2 3 4


One response to “Feist – 1234

  1. I’d like to add this one to the mix.
    He’s sorta of funny- makes me smile- and he’s nice to listen to…..
    He also looks like he just got out of bed.
    A good look.

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