Arcade Fire – Crown of Love, Neighborhood #1

Despite being a few years old, these songs remain near and dear to my heart–perhaps only for the value of reminiscence, but, at any rate, I’m going to share a few covers of the The Arcade Fire‘s songs Crown of Love and Neighborhood #1.

This first is a very simple cover on the piano by youtuber maggitrymbill. It gets off to a slow start, but then progresses and eventually becomes a very intense composition by the end–just like the original. Plus, it’s done entirely on piano. Watch here:

It’s hard to choose a favorite between these two, but the second cover, from heypaul27 is inching closer and closer to that spot. This cover was done live with piano, cello, and voice. What I really love about this cover is the cello part. It adds a lot to the composition and also plays some parts that aren’t in the original. I only wish that they would record another version with a higher sound quality so that we could enjoy this cover to its fullest. Check it out here:

And of course, here are the originals:

Arcade FIre: Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

Arcade Fire: Crown of Love


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