Regina Spektor – Samson

I’ll admit that when I first heard Regina Spektor‘s music, I wasn’t really sure of how I felt about her. After receiving some strong recommendations from a friend, I finally checked out Soviet Kitsch from the library and have been a fan ever since. Samson is a track from her 2006 album Begin to Hope that is near and dear to my heart so I was pleased to find some lovely covers that did it justice. In fact, there were so many good covers that I had a very tough time narrowing it down to just a few to post!

The first cover features the lovely csandman07 on piano. She sounds remarkably similar to the Regina and her piano-playing is nearly flawless.

It was a nice change of pace to see that this song was covered by both sexes. YouTuber fabrice4671 took a different approach with his cover on the acoustic guitar instead of the piano featured in most of the other videos I watched. This version feels much more upbeat, which is refreshing in contrast to the slower, sadder feel of the original.

Finally, matthewlukesandoval played my absolute favourite cover of Samson. His voice and singing style are all-around incredible. Perhaps my favourite thing about this, however, is how expressive and emotional he gets towards the end of the song. The other covers on his YouTube channel are wonderful as well, so you should definitely check him out!

And here’s the original: Regina Spektor – Samson


2 responses to “Regina Spektor – Samson

  1. How can we tell you and andrew’s posts apart? And the guy you like who is expressive is a little ridiculous, but I could see someone liking him. Maybe if I gave him a chance…

  2. Unfortunately this template doesn’t list the author of a post. I suppose we could always start signing our posts. For now just click on our pages under “About us” in the sidebar and you can see what we write.

    Also, the expressive guy (matthewlukesandoval) is pretty good. Check him out! He does a great cover of “John Wayne Gacy, Jr” and a cover on “California” by Joni Mitchell, in which he plays some stringed instrument I’ve never seen before. Awesome!

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