The Killers — When You Were Young

Admittedly, I’m not a huge fan of The Killers. They’ve got some pretty nice melodies, but there’s something I just can’t quite put my finger on that makes me apprehensive about becoming a real fan of theirs. I mean, I sort of like that one song, When You Were Young, but I haven’t gotten into anything else of theirs.

But this cover might change my mind. It’s redone in a totally different way, and I think the musician, Phil Bridges, has got a really nice voice, and some nice moves on the guitar. I like how it’s removed from its heavy electric context and placed in an acoustic space, while still retaining some of the urgency of the original, but being a little more relaxed–ironically, somehow, because it’s a few bpm faster than the original. I also think the beginning sounds a little like a song off of Beck’s Sea Change–I love the complex and driving pulse of the six-string where there are only a few chords. The tabbing at the beginning rather than strumming adds a nice touch that a lot of other guitarists gloss over. Here it is, and be sure to check out his page after watching this song.

Phil Bridges also does a lot of original stuff, so you can check that on his youtube channel or his Myspace page.

Of course, the original: The Killers on YouTube


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