Chairlift – Bruises

I’m sure that by now, everybody in the English-speaking world knows the song Bruises by Chairlift, thanks to Apple featuring it in the commercial for the 4th generation iPod Nano several months ago, so there is no need to introduce what may have been one of the most memorable television commercial songs of 2008.

Two boys from UCLA under the YouTube alias subtleskeptics have done their own cover of Bruises and I think it’s absolutely wonderful. I’m sure that it’s a matter of opinion, but I think that the acoustics of the stairwell that they’re playing in add a really nice touch to the sound of this cover. And how amazing is it that he is able to hit all of the high notes? I’m definitely impressed.

Another noteworthy cover was done by mreebee3. Her approach is much more soulful and feels much more personal. I love that she puts her own subtle creative twists in the way the song is played and performed. Her voice is so unbelievably stunning that I’m sure I’d even enjoy this cover without the guitar in the background.

And the original: Chairlift – Bruises.


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