Amy Winehouse — Rehab

It’s hard to find a good acoustic cover of this song, mainly because the instrumentation of Amy Winehouse’s version relies mostly upon big band effects–brass, drums, sax, etc, and only a tiny bit on the guitar. So, most covers on youtube have a boring one-, two-, or three-chord progression that kind of dumbs down the song in an uninteresting way. Put that on top of the fact that Amy Winehouse is a the personality of this song itself–or is this song her own personality??–and you’ll be troubled trying to find a satisfactory cover.

Anyway, I love this song, and its music video, so much that it’s hard to imagine anyone redoing this song any differently. But, I’ve found this cover that changes it up a bit, even making it a little folky. He changes the chord progression a bit by using major chords where in the original there are minors, and vice-versa, and he alters the original beat by repeating spoken phrases or otherwise altering the lyrical rhythm. This one’s by youtube user kjlux. It’s kind of short–only two minutes–but I like it anyway. Completely different from the original, but still fun to listen to.


This next one comes from youtuber xxxannacoraleexxx. I like this one a lot, too. Her voice is pretty similar to Amy Winehouse’s, and the guitar part in the background is the closest to the original chord progression that I’ve found on the internet–props to both parts. I was actually debating posting this, because we only want to feature amateur covers. According to her youtube profile, she plays shows and is on tour, but she is unsigned, so I decided to group her with the amateurs for now.

And as promised, here’s the original: Amy Winehouse’s Rehab on YouTube


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