Outkast/Mat Weddle — Hey Ya

Love it or hate it, Hey Ya! by Outkast is bound to go down in history as one of the 20-aughts’ best songs. Thirty years from now oldies radio stations (if they still exist) will be playing Hey Ya right after “Since You’ve Been Gone” and right before “Maps” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Needless to say, I love this song. It’s so fun and upbeat, it’s hard to imagine this song any other way.

However, Mat Weddle of Obadiah Parker succeeds in redoing this song acoustically. It actually sounds like a song that deals with deep emotions and social issues of which the “artsy” community would be all over. Anyway, I like his cover, but I like how other amateur musicians have imitated him. I think they do a really good job–in particular, this video:

This is done by a guy named Brad Doggett (doggettbm). I like his voice, and I think he plays the guitar pretty well. He does a lot of other covers, too, so be sure to check them out as well.

Also, here’s a link to the Mat Weddle verison: Mat Weddle Singing Hey Ya!

And, of course, here’s the original Hey Ya by Outkast: Hey Ya! by Outkast


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